New Release: Café Spice – She Loves and Leaves

‘She Loves and Leaves’ sees Café Spice release their first track in their full “girl band” outfit, and marks a turning point in their sound. Having crafted a reputation amongst the country’s key folk tastemakers, the trio hailing from England, Scotland and Ireland now push the boat out into the mellow waters of indie-pop.

The track opens with a serene a cappella rendition of the chorus, fast becoming a trademark of the group. Their alluring and interweaving melodies begin to colour a blank musical canvas before a delicate guitar rises from the harmonic haze. However, soon the band arrive in new sonic territory, as a series of effortless brush strokes introduce new drummer Sophie Wozencraft, elevating a beautiful acoustic with an elegant indie skip. The added percussion skims like a pebble, rippling the tranquil waters of what has gone before.

Take a listen below…

Existing fans should not be surprised by the turn, with an element of unpredictability always finding a way into Café Spice’s repertoire in one way or another. However, this particular introduction is a clear statement of intent from a band determined to turn more heads onto their well-seasoned sound.

The sonic is equalled by the trio’s reflective and contemplative lyricism. In the words of Café Spice: “How can you understand what you want when you’re twenty and so ready to love the world and everyone in it, so ready to lose yourself in somebody else? If you’ve ever been confused about love, nestle down and plug in your headphones – this song is for you.”

‘She Loves And Leaves’ demonstrates the potpourri of musical influences that pervade throughout the Café Spice songbook. At times they are reminiscent of The Mama’s & The Papa’s; on other occasions more attuned to indie-folk contemporaries HAIM or The Staves. Either way, ‘She Loves And Leaves’ is the latest testament to the collaborative songwriting that makes the music of Café Spice so unique.

After hitting the folk scene up and down the country, Café Spice have begun to cross over to more mainstream audiences. February saw the band support the high flying Sorcha Richardson as well as booking their debut appearance at leading UK Music Festival for emerging talent, Liverpool Sound City. The band have since been acknowledged by London Music Video Festival, receiving a nomination for the stunning video for their track ‘Bunnybird’.

These are just small steps in what is going to be a phenomenal year for the band as they set about to become, in their words, “the ultimate girl band of their childhood dreams.”