New Release: Bonny Light Horseman – Rolling Golden Holy / California

Photo Credit: D. James Goodwin

Bonny Light Horseman have announced their sophomore album Rolling Golden Holy – released on October 7th, 2022, via 37d03d Records.

Produced by the band’s Josh Kaufman, Rolling Golden Holy is the follow-up to their self-titled debut which earned two GRAMMY nominations (Best Folk Album and Best American Roots Performance).

The album’s breezy and bittersweet lead single “California”—a timely and incorruptible classic about moving on in search of something else, if not something more—can be heard below…

“This one started off as a little crooked minor-key old timey tune. Then the three of us took it through the ringer together and it became what you’re hearing now. We sat in a room in the woods of New York and clawed and pawed at it until it turned into a little bittersweet shuffler,” explains Eric D. Johnson of “California.” “Our first record was largely centered on the old world, whether it was some sort of mythical sweeping landscape on some British Isle, or maybe the old cities of the American East. This is probably our first West Coast song. It’s a sad one, a story about pulling up roots, new beginnings, goodbyes, early morning long drives, riding into the sunrise instead of the sunset. They usually don’t end movies riding into the sunrise but this movie has that scene.”

Rolling Golden Holy’s initial writing sessions—and two subsequent recording sessions, first at Aaron Dessner’s Long Pond studio and then at what they label their “spiritual home,” the gorgeous and bosky old church called Dreamland—were a series of “yes, and” encounters, each member encouraging the others to take an idea and run with it a little further, to push past comfort zones.

The trio asks—and, with every tune here, answers—an essential question on Rolling Golden Holy: Where does traditional folk music end and modern folk music begin, if there even is such a binary? These songs continually suggest and embody an unspoken continuum.

Bonny Light Horseman are currently on tour in America supporting Bon Iver and have announced their own headline dates there in the Autumn. Full run here:


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