New Release: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Best Troubador

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy has announced his return with Best Troubador, his homage to a long-time and forever hero, the late Merle Haggard

Will Oldham, who some 25 years previously first performed in public by playing a Merle Haggard song, has often cited Merle’s work in performance, on records and in conversation with anyone who was around, even talking to Merle himself for Filter magazine in 2009

Today he has also unveiled the first cover from the record, which sees Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy being joined by collaborator Oscar Parsons, in a virtual reality video for Merle Haggard’s classic Mama Tried

Take a watch below…


And see the tracklisting here…

1. The Fugitive
2. I’m Always On a Mountain When I Fall
3. The Day the Rains Came
4. Haggard (Like I’ve Never Been Before)
5. I Always Get Lucky With You
6. Leonard
7. My Old Pal
8. Roses In the Winter
9. Some Of Us Fly
10. Wouldn’t That Be Something
11. Pray
12. That’s the Way Love Goes
13. Nobody’s Darling
14. What I Hate (excerpt)
15. I Am What I Am
16. If I Could Only Fly

Best Troubador will be available on double LP and CD from May 5th


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