New Release: Billie Flynn – Hey Stranger / The Good Girl

Billie Flynn has announced her new EP Hey Stranger, and shared her most direct single to date, ‘The Good Girl’.

‘The Good Girl’ reveals a different side to Billie. Cinematic and grand, it sees Billie lay down her most attitude-filled vocal yet over striking electronic percussion.

Of the song, she said: “I wrote this track after watching ‘miss americana’. Taylor Swift said that she has built her whole belief system around the idea of being a ‘good girl’, and I felt that so strongly….This track is about letting go of all of the pressures, and expectations that come with that title, and allowing the idea that you can be imperfect.”

Recorded between her home studio in Cornwall and remotely during lockdown with producer JMAC (Luz, Matilda Mann, Rosie Carney, Haux), Billie’s forthcoming EP, due October 21st, finds her processing a significant loss whilst synonymously riding the intense tides of love that swirl around our teenage years. Throughout Hey Stranger this love and loss is felt through sensory experiences – visions appear in front of her eyes, smells come tainted with memories and touches emphasise life’s fleeting impermanence. A cathartic release, these songs and reflections healed old bruises and helped Billie reach grief’s final stage, acceptance.


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