New Release: Bear’s Den – First Loves / Evelyn


Folk-pop duo Bear’s Den return once again to announce the details of their new EP First Loves, showcased by the emotionally-charged new single “Evelyn”.

While the Bear’s Den anthology to date has been cemented within the more romantic and heartfelt aesthetics this last decade, ‘First Loves’ has become an opportunity for the duo to contemplate some of the more seldom seen elements of falling in love and the turmoil that can come with it.

Previewed by the new lead single “Evelyn”, this opening track is about two people falling in love in very different ways and with very different people. With Evelyn realising the power of her maternal love, whilst her close friend struggles with an unrequited love for Evelyn, making this one of the more heartbreaking additions from their forthcoming collection.

Adding about the new single ‘Evelyn’, they said, “I’ve always been drawn to finding people experiencing intense feelings together but not necessarily reciprocally towards each other. There are two separate love stories happening in the song and that’s kinda interesting to me.”

Bear’s Den will release their new EP First Loves on June 23rd via Communion Records. See the full tracklisting below…

  1. Evelyn
  2. Helen Of Hammersmith Bridge
  3. Summer & Smoke
  4. Teach Me Ava