New Release: Angie McMahon – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Photo Credit: Paige Clark

Australian singer/songwriter Angie McMahon has released an Amazon Original cover of Bonnie Tylor’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, with all proceeds from the song being donated to charity efforts combating the wildfires in her home country.

Stream and purchase below…

“In Australia, now, there is so much. There is burning and sadness and loss, there is compassion and community, there are so many heroes, and there’s so much that needs to be done,” stated Angie. “Among all the sadness, I have a cover to share. ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ is a favorite song of mine, done as an Amazon Music Original, and the proceeds will go to the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities. This cover is available only on Amazon Music. Every time it is played, our team will be sending the money to the traditional owners of our land, the people who know how to care for the land, the people we should always be listening to.”


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