New Release: Andrew Bird – Inside Problems / Underlands

On his brand new album Inside Problems, announced today, Andrew Bird acknowledges all of the complex thoughts, questions and middle-of-the-night obsessions swirling around in each of us. The record is a collection of eleven original songs that take on those inner demons that run amok when things get especially quiet.

For Bird, the idea that kept coming back to haunt him was the unavoidable presence of thresholds: the moment when something becomes something else, when somewhere becomes somewhere else. The phenomenon appears in endless aspects of daily life, from the process of projecting internal feelings and dialogue to the outside environment, or the seemingly mundane experience of standing in the frame of the doorway, crossing state lines or any place where one is neither here nor there, but in between. These are the questions that course through the Inside Problems – where is the threshold, who are we during the moments in between?

Album opener and new single ‘Underlands’ follows the recently released ‘Atomized,’ introducing the record’s recurring theme with allusions to Icarus and Orpheus that are delivered in Bird’s singularly chic yet inquisitive demeanor.

“You just don’t know what’s under the surface, be it the land, the sea, our skin,” says Andrew Bird. “You could be whistling away, projecting contentedness, when really there’s a swirling twisted mess underneath. Looking up, there’s the knowable universe but unless you get into astrology, you’ll find the stars don’t owe us anything and you’re left less assured than when we thought gods threw down lightning bolts. ‘Underlands’ introduces an album that deals with the unseen underneath and the membrane that separates your outside problems from your inside problems.”

Produced by Mike Viola and recorded live by Andrew Bird and his four-piece band – some of the only overdubs being additional vocals from Madison Cunningham – Inside Problems is released June 3rd.

Andrew Bird states: “I have so much fun taking my ideas apart before they really have defined themselves as distinct songs, when they’re still in that amoeba-like state. I love the feeling of chasing ideas and having them split off and go hang out with another idea and then butting them up against each other to see if they talk to each other.”

Andrew will be performing tracks from Inside Problems this summer on his recently announced European Tour. Culminating at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, July will see Andrew Bird play 7 nights over 9 days, including headline shows at Berlin’s Metropol, Utrecht’s Tivolivredenburg and Cologne’s Gloria, as well as performances with full orchestras at Day’s Off Festival in Paris and Lyon’s Les Nuits de Fourvières Festival. Full tour listing below…

7/10 – Paris, FR – Days Off Festival w/ L’Orchestre national d’Île-de-France
7/12 – Lyon, FR – Les Nuits de Fourvières Festival w/ L’Orchestre national de Lyon
7/14 – Munich, Germany – Neue Theaterfabrik
7/15 – Berlin, Germany – Metropol
7/16 – Utrecht, NL – TivoliVredenburg Grote Zaal
7/17 – Köln, Germany – Gloria Theater
7/19 – London, UK – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire