New Release: Alexander Biggs – All I Can Do Is Hate You

Photo Credit: Jack Cain

Alexander Biggs has shared a new single, “All I Can Do Is Hate You”. The gracefully tumbling tune is both an ask and an ode to love in least flattering form: “I want you to love me / Til all I can do is hate you / To kiss me til you bruise me / To touch me til it scars”.

Biggs goes on like this in a haunting, wistful whisper, rejecting the romanticized myths associated with lifelong love, instead delving into its messy erosions. He carefully honours the flecked but intrinsic beauty of inevitable suffering shared. “That’s all life is right? Being here and toiling and loving and suffering in one big mess. If love is work, I want to toil. If love is hard, I want to practice,” he says.

Self recorded and produced, Alexander Biggs’ new songs have been written and recorded in many places — from blanket fort hideaways in a noisy city to a suburban kitchen; the lively lounge room of friends of friends to a makeshift bedroom on the lounge floor of his mother’s house. “All I Can Do Is Hate You” is the fourth single from this eclectic collection, comprising a full-length album to be released in 2020.

Biggs elaborates, “This is a retrospective song on wanting to love and be loved so completely that by the end of it all that’s left is emptiness. It’s about loving deeply, rather than resentment after love has passed. To love someone until you hate, to touch until you’re bruised, to ruin the scent they wear—are all ways I wanted to amplify and illustrate that kind of intense connection.”

The 26-year-old songwriter has supported top tier talent including Julien Baker, Frightened Rabbit and Evan Dando (The Lemonheads). With distinctly gentle vocals and stinging lyricism, he effectively encapsulates the ambiguous pain of early adulthood — loneliness, lostness, nostalgia for a freer time.


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