New Release: Alexa Rose – Like A Child

Today Alexa Rose is sharing the second single from her debut album, with “Like A Child”. Along with her Memphis backing band, including legendary guitarist Will Sexton, drummer George Sluppick and bassist Mark Edgar Stuart, Rose eschews the more Appalachian folk-influence on her first single to show her range with this country-soul number.

Talking about the track, she states: “When I wrote “Like A Child” I was trying to find some resilience, some buoyancy. I wrote it sitting on the floor of an empty house I almost moved in to but never did, just before I moved to Asheville NC in 2017. I was feeling really displaced and lost. The melody that came out of me was really carefree, and kind of juxtaposed the actual story of the song at first. It was one of those songs that you write in 30 minutes and move on from because you just needed to figure some things out.

I think what I was trying to find in that song was some reverence for the mystery of change, how it always reveals a purpose in time, whether it’s just two weeks or years later. Sometimes I try to think back on whatever day it is, two years ago, or ten years ago, and realize how little I could have predicted about my life at the present moment. And for me, if I can remember that, the seemingly cruel randomness of life’s upsets gets easier to navigate.

I used to play this song kind of slow and with a wayward sense of rhythm that fell out of time. In the studio we tried out tempos and landed on an upbeat, driving down the road kind of feel. It really brought the song up to a brighter place that fortifies the actual message. It’s probably my favorite song on the record now.”

Take a listen below…

Alexa Rose previously announced her debut full-length album with the title track and lead single, “Medicine For Living”. The track, which informs the title of her debut album, is a slice of contemporary roots music in the vein of Gillian Welch, imbued with the Appalachian storytelling sensibilities of her ancestral home in the Alleghany Highlands in western Virginia. Rose brings her poignant, soulful, timeless voice to this deep well of traditional songwriting.

Alexa Rose will be on tour this Fall including an official showcase at AmericanaFest in Nashville, TN Sept 10th – 15th…

8/31 – Reeves Theatre – Elkin, NC
9/10 – 9/15 – AmericanaFest – Nashville, TN
10/3 – The Foundry – Athens, GA
10/5 – Isis Music Hall – Asheville, NC
10/6 – Carolina Theatre – Greensboro, NC
11/5 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY
11/7 – Atwood’s Tavern – Cambridge, MA
11/8 – Cafe Nine – New Haven, CT
11/9 – The Locks At Sona – Philadelphia, PA
12/5 – Duke Performances – Durham, NC

In an era where the term Americana has lost much of its meaning, Medicine for Living is just that: a fully realized, multi-layered merger of old country music, traditional folk songs, colored by rock and roll and mountain soul. “There’s a lot of people I’m influenced by that show up in the songs in different ways,” says Rose. “Whether it’s John Prine or Townes Van Zandt, or Alynda Segarra from Hurray for the Riff Raff.”

Through her association with Tim Duffy – head of the non-profit Southern music preservation organization, Music Maker Relief Foundation — Rose was brought to the attention of Big Legal Mess label head Bruce Watson. He signed Rose and brought her to his Memphis home base to cut her full-length debut. “This album is Appalachia-meets-Memphis,” says Rose. “The stories and inspiration emanate from the mountains, but the tracks have all these different musical elements coming in.”

Recorded at Watson’s Delta-Sonic Studio, Rose is backed by a crew of Bluff City all-stars including a core band led by legendary guitarist Will Sexton, drummer George Sluppick and bassist Mark Edgar Stuart, with guests including organists Rick Steff (Lucero) and Al Gamble (St. Paul & The Broken Bones), among others.

“The funny thing was that I hadn’t met any of them at all before we started recording,” says Rose. “You know, playing your songs for someone in a studio is like getting naked in front of them; it’s a very personal thing to do. But when you play music together, you skip all the normal steps of a relationship immediately go to this really close place with people.”

Album co-producers Watson and Clay Jones (Modest Mouse, Buddy Guy) decided to keep the sessions feeling as fresh and immediate as possible. “None of the musicians had heard any of the songs or even heard me before we started. Bruce really wanted to capture their gut response to the music,” says Rose. “What came out of that was really cool – we sorta let the songs be like taffy – we let them be moved and shaped and pulled in new and different ways.”


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