New Release: A Valley Son – East Flatbush Sunset

East Flatbush Sunset is the new single from Brooklyn’s soulful, gospel-inflected alt-country band A Valley Son, and the first they have shared this year

After a busy 2017 that saw the release of both their debut Sunset Park EP and full-length follow-up But The World Moves, the band began to undertake two intertwined projects: building out their own studio, and recording and mixing all of their new music on their own from start to finish. Never at a loss for material, they’re now challenging themselves to record and release six new A/B-side singles between now and the end of 2018, with this being the first song in the series

Check out the new track below…

Formed in 2015, A Valley Son’s raucous sound is a fusion of Southern gothic-inspired, harmony-laden rock & roll that aims to invoke a Sunday service as much as it does a barroom, and the stories the songs tell are no less truthful and honest than the playing. The four members vowed to make music that strips away all of the unnecessary decoration and puts songwriting, emotion and raw musicianship back at the forefront


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