New Feature: Thank Folk For New Bands!

In this ever-changing industry, there’s never been a more intense and important time to get yourself heard as a band or artist. Here at TFFT, we are regularly sent requests for reviews, interviews, etc, by superb up and coming folky bands, but are so busy that often, we can’t give them the attention that they deserve!

So, in light of this, we are introducing a new feature,
Thank Folk…For New Bands!

At the end of each month, we’ll post about a couple of our favourite new bands from the past few weeks, with the hope that you lovely readers will give them a listen, and support their amazing talent

First up, are these guys….

Mahoney And The Moment are an Anglo-American duo, who produce fresh and sweet folk-pop melodies. Their debut, self-titled album is now available via Bandcamp, and with gorgeous country-influenced tracks such as If You Only Asked Me To, it certainly deserves the praise it has already received.

Allysen Callery is a solo artist from Rhode Island, USA.

Her ghostly and enchanting alternative-folk creates moments that take your mind away to vast, leafy forests, and windswept sandy coasts. Winter Island, her 2011 album, has now been re-released as a special edition EP…or you can head to Bandcamp to download a copy now.

High House are a young 6-piece band from Stafford.

Their music is simple yet beautifully crafted,
with some stunning harmonies and melodies.
Definitely worth keeping an eye on, and you can hear some of their tracks via their Soundcloud page

Win Peter Winters creates and composes some rather haunting, but brilliantly mythical music that could pass as the soundtrack to any blockbuster hit.
His debut, self-titled album tells the story of man vs. nature, including the powers of his own mind. With a classical-folk edge, it’s certainly worth a listen, if only for his enchanting arrangements.
Hear it via Win Peter Winters Bandcamp.


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