New Band: Tiger & The Homertons

Tiger & The Homertons are fronted by singer/songwriter Tiger Finkel and backed by Dario Ferriera (lead guitar), Celia Kleindienst (piano and vocals) and Fabio Gentilin (bass).

After recently-releasing the tracks ‘Winter’ and ‘Shadow In The Dark,’ Tiger & The Homertons are flexing their studio muscle as of late, combining unique, worldly sounds. Now armed and ready to go with new single ‘Somewhere Else,’ Tiger is ready to kickstart his busy summer schedule in style.

‘Somewhere Else’ takes you on a carefully crafted journey of intricate melodies, dreamy guitar work, perfect harmonies and huge emotional build-ups. The combination of beautiful, scenic music merged together with raw vocals makes for a signature sound.

On the meaning behind the track, Tiger states: “I talk about a place that doesn’t necessarily exist in this song, it’s more about the feeling of freedom, driving somewhere out of this world. It’s a mixture between a dream and a reality. I like not to be to precise in my lyrics, just enough to bring a certain mood and certain pictures to the song, ( «desert sun » « driving as fast as we can » « place where doubt and fears end » etc) so everyone can make up their own story and paint it with their own colours.”

Hailing from France but now living in London, not to mention sharing a band with Portuguese, Austrian and Italian members, Tiger’s desire to soak up influences from across the world is the reason why he’s created such an inimitable sound.

For more info, head to:

And take a listen to their track ‘Somewhere Else’, below…


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