New Band: Prophecy Playground

Prophecy Playground is an alternative-folk project founded by singer-songwriter and composer Or Izekson.

Combining gently written melancholic songs and instrumental themes with a carefully arranged string section deriving elements from classical European chamber music, Prophecy Playground’s music creates a semi-forgotten, semi-newly imagined sound – a kind of folk which combines the melancholic, mysterious & dramatic, thus drawing interest and curiosity to a sometimes predictive genre.

Izekson’s style and skill on the acoustic guitar and the musical atmosphere created by Prophecy Playground are often mentioned as highly influenced by the distinctive sound of the legendary Nick Drake.

January 2019 saw the release of Prophecy Playground’s debut single ‘Spirit Yawn’. Last May they released their 2nd single – the psychedelic instrumental theme ‘Engineered Loneliness’, accompanied by a stop-motion animation video by artist Yael Shpinat. Their 3rd single titled ‘Politely Polluting’ was released earlier this winter with an experimental video filmed on an old 8mm. The song deals with men’s alienation from his environment and the lack of purpose in the virtual age.

Prophecy Playground’s debut album, Comfort Zone, from which the singles are taken, has been recently released on the Dutch International record label Friendly Folk Records.

Gaining momentum, the band is now touring it’s native Israel in different venues and festivals and will hold album launch mini-tours in US & UK this coming spring followed by an all European summer-tour in July & August.
As well as the Prophecy Playground band shows, Izekson is currently performing a tribute solo act dedicated to Nick Drake’s album masterpiece “Pink Moon”.

For more info, head to:

And take a listen to the track, ‘Spirit Yawn’ below…


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