New Band: Plastic Ghost

Plastic Ghost are an indie-folk band from London. They enjoy blending styles together to create music that resonates with people. Each of their band members have been writing music and building a library of original material for many years now and feel that now is the right time to share their music with the world.

Their first new song, ‘Equation’ was written a number of years ago by their lead singer Kerri McMahon. It speaks about her experiences dropping out of a science degree to pursue the arts, expressing her frustrations fitting in with the status quo and living up to other people’s expectations.

Their second new song, ‘Make me dinner’, is a singer-songwriter track about moving to a new city and the ensuing loneliness, as two of the members recently relocated to London from Cape Town, South Africa.

For more info, head to:

And take a listen to both new tracks, below…


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