New Artist: Sam Henry

Sam Henry is a singer-songwriter from Cornwall based in London, who has been making music for over a decade.

Blending themes of disillusionment and uncertainty with upfront, sincere songwriting, Sam Henry’s textured and melodic songs hang suspended between the past and present, taking influence from traditional songwriting forms without sounding conventional. He has previously self-released three E.P’s, all of which showcase his tuneful and retrospective sound, weaving through genres of indie/folk, indie/pop and rock.

Sam Henry has had a desire for melody-making from an early age and has always had a compulsion for writing songs. He was involved with several bands in his youth, which would play songs Sam had written, but he admits “they weren’t very good, the arrangements and melodies were just the first thing that came to [his] head, there was no direction or focus in the writing process.”

In his early teens he was introduced to artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young by his Dad – when listening to them on road trips across the UK, it was these road trips which Sam Henry claims made him discover a new approach to songwriting: “After that it all started to come together for me, listening to those songs through that beat up car radio, I realised that with more refinement in the songwriting process I could turn a compulsion into a craft, writing songs opposed to sounds.”

Since that day, Sam Henry has been consistently writing, eventually recording his music and developing a sound which is both distinct and nostalgic. Sam Henry will be self-releasing his debut album Creatures Of The Chronicle at the end of August 2019, which he describes as “a collection of low-fi, honest pop songs taking influence from artist’s such as Elliot Smith, The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen.”

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And take a listen to his track “If You Need Me Let Me Know”, below…


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