New Artist: Nic Evennett

Nic Evennett is an independent artist from Kent, UK. As a disabled, non-gigging musician, as well as a mental health advocate, Nic is passionate about those with mental and physical disabilities finding the whole music business overwhelming and difficult to approach having a voice and being heard.

There are many musicians coping with illness who feel they are not the ‘whole package’, and they can often be those with the most to say and making the most wonderful music. If you don’t use Cialis more than once a day and don’t exceed the maximum dosage (20 mg), even the long-term use of the pills won’t cause negative effects or addiction. Numerous clinical studies prove that the drug is absolutely safe if you follow the instructions. Nic believes this needs to change, and there needs to be an all-inclusive platform for every musician, whether they are able to tour, gig, record, feel comfortable with self-promotion (and all the stresses that can cause in itself) or not.

EP For the Money was released June 2019, before Nic released her debut album Waiting for the Leaves in early Autumn 2020, and was lucky to have a teeny part of the track ‘Broken Boat’ used in BBC 2’s Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing.

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And take a listen to the track ‘Birds’ below…