New Artist: Linda Sussman

Over the past few years, singer/songwriter Linda Sussman (Huntington, NY) has poured her heart and soul into two full-length albums of all original music, which by all accounts is a bit insane. “The music made me do it,” says Linda, noting she has had no regrets!

Recently released is Pass It On Down (May 2019), whose 10 tracks are an eclectic mix–from straight-on blues (“Truckload of Blues”) to full-on folk (“Pass It On Down”) to folk-rock (“Layer Me Up”) to a touch of bluegrass (“Let’s Just Boogie”) to alt-folk (“The Last Mix”) to country-blues (“Proud Woman”) and more.

Linda is recognized for her strong vocals, sophisticated songwriting, and accomplished fingerstyle guitar playing. Her songs honor the human spirit, rally for social justice, celebrate personal triumphs, and others are simply just for fun.

After a 10-year hiatus from the music scene while caring for ageing parents, Linda has re-emerged at full strength and commitment to her art. About her music, she says: “My songwriting follows my values in life: peace, love and understanding, though most likely achieved in reverse order.”

Linda began touring as a solo artist in 2019, though in the NY-metro area she can be heard both solo and periodically with her band, Linda Sussman Collective. Typically playing in the Collective alongside Linda are her studio musicians: Mike Nugent (lead guitar), Cosmo Mallardi (bass), Mark Mancini (piano), Richie Guerrero (percussion), Cindy Quart (piano). Linda’s two most recent albums were recorded on her indie label, Sing Out Proud Music, and both were co-produced with Mike Nugent.

For more info, head to:

And take a listen to her track ‘Pass It On Down’, below…


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