New Artist: Lila Tristram

Described as “The female Bon Iver” by BBC Producer Claire Slevin, Lila Tristram is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in East London. She is a graduate from Goldsmiths University which, following several big success stories including Puma Blue, Rosie Lowe and James Blake, has become a sought after hotspot for British musicians.

In the summer of 2019 she met The Last Dinosaur’s Jamie Cameron, who was an audience member at one of her gigs. They have since become close musical collaborators, and have toured together in residencies abroad and in the UK, as well as festivals such as Wild Paths Festival.

Lila’s own music has since been playlisted by the BBC, and she was subsequently nominated as the face of BBC Sounds’ November 2019 hotlist, catching the attention of BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Jon Hillcock.

She began recording in the summer of 2018, with new music to be debuted soon.

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And take a listen to the track ‘For Grace’ below…