New Artist: Laurie Shepherd

Laurie’s music offers a deeply soulful response to the beautiful and troubling reality of what it means to be a human being living in an age of crisis and wonder.

Intricate harmonies and sweeping melodies lend an ethereal quality to her music, with subject matter ranging from the suffragettes movement, urban alienation and the longing for wildness, and a love song that links the human heart to the attractive forces between moon and sea. Her music is a crashing cascade of lyrical beauty that holds the pain and joy of living in uncertain times.

Laurie grew up in the North East of England – a place whose coastline is both shiveringly beautiful and pocked with heavy industry: a tension you can feel running through much of her songwriting.

She began her studies in classical music at an early age, later exploring pop and soul before gravitating toward jazz with her studies at the London College of Music. Her love of folk music has woven itself into these broader influences, with inspiration being drawn from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Björk, Martha Tilston, Ane Brun, and Feist.

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And take a listen to the track ‘Wild Land’, below…