New Artist: Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor is a non-conformist folk singer who’s been guided by his life travel. His start point and end point are very different from each other, but individuality has always been essential. His words and musical journey are inspired by his own experience and the people he meets. If life takes an unexpected turn his music also takes that path. He sings from the heart and he hopes that other people can make the journey a personal one for them too.

Since he first became a musician, thanks to the guidance of his grandparents, Kyle’s mission has always been to inspire and empower people. He feels very strongly that music is supposed to be one of life’s greatest friends and comforts. His music has carried him around many continents in the world, and the people he’s met has inspired what he has since written. In that sense his music always attempts to be current and to be true to the people he meets, and the situations that are currently happening in the world. Whether they be on a large or small scale. Because the smallest of situations is still important. Music is his passion, guidance, and way of connecting with people on whatever level, because they all matter.

Find out more info at:

And take a listen to the track ‘Commander Mary’, below…


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