New Artist: Jamie Hamilton

An exploration of folk/Americana influences outside of his work with Alt-Rock outfit Dan the Thief, Jamie Hamilton recorded ‘Roots EP’ in late 2012.

Initially intended as a set of demos, the songs gained an unanticipated level of interest and were released through Sunbird Records in early 2013. Work on 2014’s ‘Circles’ with his Sunbird Record labelmate Jonathan Lindley saw a more expansive and experimental sound emerging, with the record’s drum machines, layered synths and twisted production paving the way for 2016’s ‘The View Before We Hit The Water’.

2019’s ‘Love Songs For The End Of The World’ follows the path of a relationship being formed and then coming to an end, whilst the physical world collapses in conflict and climate change.

Operating firmly outside of the mainstream, Manchester-based Jamie Hamilton continues to create quietly ambitious musings on relationships, technology, politics and the human condition.

For more info, head to:

And take a listen to Jamie’s track ‘Moon Waver’, below…


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