New Artist: Fuzzy Jones

Like many artists, Fuzzy doesn’t like labels, but some describe her music as Alt-Pop-Folk, depending on which of her songs you listen to, she’s certainly not a one track pony! Her music is a dynamic mix of genres. With heroes like David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell no wonder she finds it hard to pigeonhole her music.

Fuzzy states: “I’m an activist, who is trying to change the world one song at a time. I wanna make people more aware of world issues like climate change, capitalism, mental health and inequality, in a fun and accessible way. Let’s do something, let’s change the world! Stuff makes me mad, so I write about it. You can join me with the hashtag #UpriseWithMe.”

Fuzzy’s new EP – The Great Pause – is a playfully political cosmic-folk pop treat. Hear the birth of Fuzzy’s new ‘Electro-Glam-Folk’ sound – inspired by Lockdown 2020. Written, recorded and produced in Fuzzy’s makeshift home sofa-studio, in Leeds. This is a unique self-produced piece, that marks a strange moment in time – comfortable but, uncomfortable, a way of processing a crisis, feeling a little less helpless, a 21st century cry! Hopefully it will bring you some calm in the chaos.

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