New Artist: Brigadoon

Brigadoon is the artist name for singer-songwriter, poet and writer Barnaby Smith. The album Itch Factor was recorded in a rickety garden shed in the hills behind Mullumbimby in northern New South Wales, Australia, a crudely constructed shack full of snakes, spiders, lizards and other creepy things (the sounds of which have made their way onto some of the recordings).

The record might be described as DIY folk, loner or outsider folk, the scruffy but impassioned work of a reclusive singer-songwriter. With harmonies and lyrics pulling the majority of the emotional weight, Itch Factor takes its cue from artists such as Amen Dunes, Richard Dawson, Cory Hanson, Cass McCombs, Daniel Johnston, Lone Pigeon (whose song ‘Waterfall’ is covered on the album) and Tim Buckley.

These songs are intended to be in equal parts primitive, uncompromising and experimental, as well as wistful and mysterious.

For more info, head to:

And take a listen to the track ‘So Long’, below…


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