Live Review: This Is The Kit – Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn NY

Kate Stables, frontwoman and songwriting goddess of This Is The Kit, brought her soothing and electrified vibes to Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY last week. With the upcoming release of her new album Moonshine Freeze, Stables previewed some of her new work and it is some of her best and catchiest material yet.

She opened the set with a new song called Easy On The Thieves, performing solo with just her beautiful vocals and stellar banjo playing. Stables has the power to captivate an entire audience no matter how big or small the room she’s playing in and this opening song set the mood for the rest of the night. Next up was Silver John, a favorite from This is The Kit’s last album Bashed Out. This was interesting to hear live as the attitude and mood of the song was overall much more controlled and a bit slower than the album version. The third song in her set was another track from Bashed Out called Spores All Settling. This is another highlight from that album and an absolute gem to hear live because it features a driving, snare drum beat that compels every audience member to groove along to the music. During the chorus, Stables sang the melody a little bit differently which made the live performance more enticing and surprising.

Stables jammed right into the title track of her upcoming album Moonshine Freeze. Although after hearing the single I knew better and more memorable tunes were on the way, hearing this song live made me understand it better and helped the song grow on me. Bullet Proof, another new song, was next and as the opening track of the new album it surely sets a perfect example of This Is The Kit’s power and folk rock electric energy. Misunderstanding featured some raging guitar licks from guest guitarist Josh Kaufman (Josh Ritter, Bob Weir). Kaufman’s electric guitar flourishes shined on the next song in the set as well Empty No Teeth.

It’s evident that Stables has created such a relatable and poignant world of music that she can easily have a guest guitar player show up one night and completely shred the shit out of the jam. Stables then sang Bashed Out, the title track of her 2015 album, and after this song, Cold And Got Colder, another gem from that album. During the line in the song “forgetting to breathe” Stables held out her vocals for an inhumane amount of time. Not only does she have a beautiful, captivating voice but her control and dynamics also should not go overlooked.

After another new song By My Demon Eye she closed out the set with the final new track of the night Hotter Colder which will probably end up being my absolute favorite from the new album. With a jam folk rock vibe, this song is definitely one of the more catchy This is The Kit songs in her entire catalogue.

Kate Stables proved to the audience in Brooklyn that she is one of the hidden gems in the indie folk rock scene. Fresh off a weekend of playing and partying at Justin Vernon’s Eaux Claire music festival in Wisconsin, her energy did not let down for her post festival show at Baby’s All Right. This is The Kit are one of the finest acts in indie folk-rock to see today and if you haven’t yet been to her show, I suggest you purchase tickets ASAP.

Scott J. Herman


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