Live Review: The Staves – Rough Trade Brooklyn, NYC

Jessica, Camilla and Emily Staveley-Taylor have made quite a name for themselves as the sister singing folk goddess trio The Staves. They have an impressive resume, having toured, recorded and performed on stage with Bon Iver, and then when you see them live in person they just absolutely blow the fucking house down. Their voices are the most beautiful sirens that ring out highly memorable even after the performance is over. Last weekend the Staves took the stage at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY and they completely captivated everyone’s attention in the audience.

Each of the sisters alone has a magical, powerful stage presence which proves their indie rock star status. They opened with Outlaw, one of the newest songs that was released on their 2016 EP Sleeping In A Car. Outlaw gives off a certain western, country vibe at first, but when the full band sound kicks in so does the unique folk rock Staves signature sound. Next they played Steady, a beautiful track from their 2015 LP If I Was. On the album, the song is jam packed with the studio wizardry of Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and the Staves have tremendously excelled at transferring the studio power to their live performance.

Roses, is my favorite current Staves song in their whole catalog. It begins with a soft introductory verse by Camilla and then the full band sound and other two sisters voices enter and I am totally blown away and my brain begins to fry with excitement. Whether I’m listening in my headphones or have the lucky opportunity to hear the song live on stage, it gets better every time I hear the song.

After a soothing, electric and momentum building version of the title track of their latest EP Sleeping In a Car, the sisters performed one of their most recent releases and newest songs Train Tracks which is found on the B side of their latest single Tired As Fuck, which was released one month ago. They performed both of these songs but the suspense and mood of Train Tracks was particularly appealing.

Some other set highlights from the night included Blood I Bled, Make It Holy and No Me No You No More, which were all released on the 2015 LP If I Was. For the encore, the sisters came out and performed beautiful, acoustic renditions of In The Long Run and Mexico as they stood around one microphone in perfect intimate encore acoustic mode.

The final song from the night, Wisely And Slow was also released on their 2012 debut LP Dead And Born And Grown. This song was performed a capella which is a perfect way to end a Staves concert because even though the music they play is also beautiful, a capella clearly isolates the sounds of their voices alone which is a major key to the continued indie rock-stardom of The Staves.

Scott J. Herman



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