Live Review: The Communion New Faces Tour – The Ruby Lounge, Manchester


We headed down to the iconic Ruby Lounge in Manchester last week, to catch who Communion Records are calling, the ‘New Faces’, of music…

Kicking off the night was Annie Eve, who normally wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I found their mellow sounds to be easy listening. With her EP Feversome out on the March 17th, the music was quite enchanting.

Then we had Farewell J.R, who didn’t initially strike me down but towards the end of their set as they got a bit louder and got more of a beat on, I have to say they were great.  Having recently featured in NME they were described as bringing something new to folk because it doesn’t need to be all banjos, but can be something a little bit more.

Luke Sital-Singh was quite simply stunning. His voice is rich and soothing. I know for a fact that he is someone I could listen to all day. It was even better in that he was hilarious. With his wit and beautiful songs I can see this guy doing exceptionally well. My favourite song was Luna based on a whale, which was wonderfully random, and really showcased Luke’s voice. Beautiful is the word I would use. I am officially a fan.

Then the band I was waiting for, Eliza and The Bear, burst on to the stage and straight into their song Friends, the first song I heard from them. They smashed it and totally got the crowd into it, with their catchy lyrics and tunes, you can’t help but dance about and sing along. Throwing in other top tracks like Brother’s Boat and finishing on their latest single It Gets Cold they blew us all away. When I first saw them last year I can see the notable difference in their performance, I think touring with Paramore gave them a taste of the arena life and that is exactly where they are heading.

Cheryl Hill


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