Live Review: Sunny Ozell – The Harrison, London


Sunny Ozell took to the small intimate stage in The Harrison by King’s Cross, London, to perform tracks off her new record, Take It With Me. Describing herself as the ‘whiskey drinking classically trained singer’, Sunny entered onto the stage asking where her liqueur was, only to then give one of the greatest vocal performances I have ever witnessed.

With an incredible band behind her, consisting of producer Ethan Eubanks on drums, John McCallum on guitar, Greig Robinson on bass and Rob Gentry on piano. To open her set, Sunny started with Manhattan Island Serenade, a Leon Russell original. Bellowing the jazz song, Sunny made this her own with her band supporting her along the way. The notes she hit seemed effortless with her beaming a smile throughout.

Throughout the gig, Sunny made sure her fans were enjoying and laughing with her getting fully involved. Her connection to each song was perfect. Family Tree, originally by Julian Velard, again showcased how she can take a slower song but bring it to life in her own blues fashion. Rob Gentry on piano showed how exceptional he is as a pianist and the strong relationship with how the band work together was shown.

Louisiana 1927 was one of the favourites from the night. Originally by Randy Newman, Sunny made this song completely her own. All the band went crazy on their instruments, creating a stunning performance which ultimately got the whole room swinging along to the song. A personal favourite was Sunny’s performance of Kill Zone, one of the slower songs of the night. Sunny’s song made this song a beautiful reflection of how talented she is. The emotion in the song was reflected in her vocals.

Sunny’s recent release Take It With Me is full of folk, jazz and blues music, with Git Gone being the most upbeat song on the album, something which she also took to stage. This song got the audience dancing and singing along due to it being a much loved blues cover.

Sunny Ozell took performing to a new level, showing how talented she truly is. Singing live for herself proved to be better than her on record. A definite singer to see if you get the chance.

Rachel Allman


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