Live Review: Robyn Sherwell – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen


Tonight was always going to be special. It was to be the closing night of Robyn Sherwell’s first tour that saw her go from Glasgow to Brighton to London. It was also dubbed as the ‘official album launch’ night for her debut album too.

Support for the night was Orfan, with his electro sounds welcoming the growing crowd. I had only heard of Orfan when it was announced he was going to be the support act for this mini tour, so when I found his Unbounded EP online and hearing Follow Me and Return live, I knew this hot ticket in town was burning!

There was a buzz in the air with the mention of Robyn Sherwell and the atmosphere of the sold out gig was electrically intensifying. There was a special feeling as soon as she sang her first note to No News before the more familiar Pale Lung and Low followed. Her band was tight and a testament to Robyn being a front-lady.

Robyn’s music has been described as ‘intimate and confessional’ and ‘painstaking and heartfelt.’ Her sounds have also been described as quite ‘bare’ in terms of instruments. In saying this though, she has up-tempo tracks such as Islander and My Hand, and when delivered a little away from her mic stand, she got the crowd even more pumped. Let’s be honest here, on seeing Robyn live, I think she is one of those few artists that could probably sing the phone book and nail it.

It is almost impossible to say which moments really stood out on the night but I think it has to be said that when Tightropes was performed, you could probably hear a pin drop in the room. The whole audience was silent and fixated during that performance. The set would have been perfect closing with the hit Love Somebody, if the crowd actually wanted the evening to end. The chants for an encore were electric and we were not going anywhere without one. Then we saw the keyboard being brought forward. If the night could be any more special we were going to witness it. Robyn was finally taking her place behind the keyboards and accompanied by her guitarist, the best ever rendition (in my opinion!) of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide was the closer to the evening. I am not even being biased with that statement. I have two Fleetwood Mac inspired tattoos and have been a fan of that band before Miss Sherwell was born, so for me to say she possibly performs it better than my all-time musical heroes is a huge statement from me and a true testament as to how far Robyn Sherwell is going to go.

Words & Image by Victoria Ling


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