Live Review: Nick Mulvey – Princess Pavilions, Falmouth

Nick Autumn Tour Artwork

On Friday night, as the rain pounded and the waves crashed against Cornwall’s rugged coastline, Cambridge born and bred singer songwriter Nick Mulvey descended upon Falmouth to deliver an unforgettable, dazzling performance.

Nick Mulvey and his band of merry musicians opened with April; a beautiful and atmospheric track which instantly set the tone for the remainder of the show. The Spanish guitar sound that is so prominent on the song is a recurring theme throughout Mulvey’s music, and featured heavily throughout the gig. At times, Mulvey sounds Jose Gonzalez-esque, at other times he sounds like a born and bred Cornish man, singing about nature and evoking images of the good life (see Meet Me There – “Oh there’s a field meet me there, please come alone, tie back your hair”.)

Next up on the setlist was House of Saint Give Me, where Nick Mulvey’s tremendous talent  became swiftly evident. The subtle, rolling drumbeat in the background sounded like the seaside; with the same consistent, comforting and natural quality as undulating waves on a calm day.

This musical excellence continued right the way through Nick Mulvey’s Falmouth concert. A truly charming musician, Mulvey engaged with the audience playing acoustic versions of  I Don’t Want To Go Home and The Trellis, explaining  after his band mates fled the stage “I wanted to this one to be just for us”. Indeed, Mulvey was clearly all about the fans – staying for a signing after the concert and even treating his audience to a cover of Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home, during which the audience were given their Friday night disco light fix. This magnificent cover appeased the boisterous Falmouth crowd who heckled and cheered throughout the evening,. Mulvey remained serene and typically unphased.

As the night continued and Mulvey sang his more well known tracks, the audience gazed on with marvel and adoration. As Mulvey sang upbeat tune Nitrous he explained how it “seems to change every time it gets played”; the singer gives life and individuality to each of his songs, they are characters in themselves. His is a raw talent and the transformative nature of his music only emphasises his gift.

Hit single Cucurucu was a triumph, the audience sang and swayed to the D.H. Lawrence inspired track and delighted in demanding an encore; and were granted a beautiful rendition of the album title track First Mind. 

Nick Mulvey is a charming, genuine and grounded performer. In spite of his groovy Afro – Spanish inspirations, surfy chic Cornwall felt like the perfect place to be watching the singer songwriter. And, on a final note, if the success of a gig can be measured by how many members of the audience were fantasising about marrying the performer, it is safe to say Mr. Mulvey nailed it. Just dreamy.

Jessica Newsome


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