Live Review: Nick Mulvey – Albert Hall, Manchester

As the shining sun went down outside the stained glass windows of Manchester’s Albert Hall, Nick Mulvey fans were treated to a sensational evening of showmanship and musicality. Nick Mulvey, the TFFT favourite is back on tour and we were simply delighted to get the opportunity to support the fabulous singer-songwriter whom we have bigged upped since day one.

Friday night’s concert was a roaring success – the perfect combination of a performer who was visibly delighted to be on stage and a crowd who were simply mad ‘fer it. The hall shook with excitement and anticipation as Mulvey left the stage before his encore – there was not a single bottom left on a seat as fans gave the most wildly epic standing ovation that many artists could only dream of.

The night was an energising, engaging moment of splendour. Music fans united to embrace Mulvey’s every movement – they lapped up every call and response he threw at them and were whipped into a frenzy and Nick dedicated his song Imogen to ‘millennials… and people who give a shit’.

Opening with We Are Never Apart, Nick Mulvey set the precedent for the rest of the evening – the night was a celebration of Nick’s musical talent and his fans’ enthusiasm. While Nick’s previous tour was a slightly more grand affair – with six musicians on stage and political chat aplenty – this show was a more humble, focused affair. Nick played with just one drummer and one bassist/ pianist; dialogue was limited and instead the music spoke for itself. In truth, I think it sounded better for it.

Mulvey played a great mix of songs from both his debut, First Mind, and 2017’s Wake Up Now. Fans revelled in old favourites Fever To The Form and Cucurucu – Nick looked visibly moved by just how passionately his audience bellowed out these old classics, word perfect from start to finish. Mulvey’s admirers were powerless to resist the urge to dance to his mantra-like music; his hypnotic sound casting a spell over the audience who spent the night un-self-consciously grooving, celebrating and revelling.

Nick closed the show with Mountain To Move and Manchester basked in the moment. There was something powerful about a room full of strangers uniting to yell the mantra from the chorus “Wake Up Now” over and over again at the top of their voices… but I guess that’s the point.

If you get the opportunity to witness to special artist in concert then please do go – he is a pure talent that deserves all the praise he gets; and if Friday night is anything to go by, he is being praised aplenty.

Jessica Newsome


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