Live Review: Lucy Rose – Tyneside Cinema

“It’s scarier doing a gig in a cinema,” was how Lucy Rose opened the night as she introduced the documentary that influenced her third album Something’s Changing, which is quite funny knowing how this documentary came about. Lucy (and her husband) took a trip following up fan requests spread across Latin America. It was a tour that had ‘no promoters, no booking agents, no managers.’ It was purely booked by fans. They met her and helped her stay with them while they found places to hold a gig for Lucy. Admittedly she thought it would be a tour of living rooms but as the documentary showed, some of the dates even spilled out onto the streets.

Just before seeing the live results from the album, we watched a 20-minute documentary of how her trip unfolded and it was a most beautiful, heartwarming and honest thing. Lucy talked openly about the fears of this trip but the outcome showing her connection with her fans illustrated just how powerful music is. It was also the perfect opener to the set that was to unfold.

A gig in a cinema. You know that it is going to be special. As we we settled into the comfy seats of the Tyneside Cinema, Lucy returned with a full band set up in front of red velvet curtains that covered the screen where the documentary was shown beforehand. It was a very attentive crowd, maybe even ‘lethargic’ as Lucy points out as she finished her opener Love Song, and in the next pause running up to the third song we made sure Lucy knew we were there with her, taking in her performance. We became that bit more louder at the appropriate parts, as many songs from her current album mixed with her older material.

Lucy also made time for conversation and there were a lot of laughs between each track. She then went back to the film and introduced Moirai to us, with more heartfelt words about the fans she met on her trip. This tour and very much this night in Newcastle was very personal as Second Chance was written for one audience member through an exchange of tweets. She really does make an extra special connection to those that have reached out to her music.

The documentary that was shown was honest and open which reflected the set itself. Something’s Changing has shown not only Lucy but also the audience in attendance (hopefully) a different outlook on life. We got to see, feel and hear the vulnerability in her performance, and I am unsure if it was the way the tour was advertised but there were many new people to Lucy Rose’s music who all left as fans. This is a huge testament to Lucy as an artist and how music can stir emotions in both artist and fan.

Words & Image by Victoria Ling


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