Live Review: Lucius – White Eagle Hall, Jersey City

Lucius hit the stage this week at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey in their bright pink suits, classic blonde wigs and dazzling make up. As multi-instrumentalist and vocalists, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig are the complete performance package, delivering fun choreography, tight harmonies, and a master command of overall stage presence. This current ‘Love So Deep Tour’ is in support of their 2022 album Second Nature (produced by Brandi Carlile) which is proving to still be raging hot.

They opened with the title track ‘Second Nature’ which set the bar for the audience. The disco, upbeat vibe continued on ‘Next To Normal’ – another track from the latest album – featuring an intense ending jam of a mixture of their electro-pop sounds and effects. The show stayed hot with ‘Tempest’, track five from the debut full length album Wildewoman. This song has everything it takes to be a fan favorite, easy to follow lyrics and a memorable melody.

‘Promises’ followed, continuing the 80’s dance energy rhythm that kept flowing all night. The keys on this tune make the track more memorable because of the catchy riffs and added disco effects. Next the band played ‘How Loud Your Heart Gets’ – another stunning track from the debut album. This song was a turning point in the show as it began the slight decline into the softer, slower tempo songs. These songs included ’24’, ‘The Man I’ll Never Find’, ‘Dusty Trails’ and ‘Go Home’. The last two songs in the mid set chill vibe were performed with their friend Jeff Taylor.

The energy slowly built up again with ‘Until We Get There’ another classic hit from the debut album. Then the room really began to burst with energy when the opening chords of ‘Heartbursts’ started. This is one of our favorites from the new album as it still feels like the classic Lucius we all love while also exploring their new disco vibe at the same time. The energy raged on with ‘LSD’ from the new album. This song featured an extended jam that segued into a covers medley as they played Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and Cher’s ‘Believe’. This was a fun moment for the crowd to sing even louder and dance harder.

The set closer ‘Genevieve’ was truly a perfect mix of funk and electro pop that captivated everyone in the room. For the encore Jess and Holly came out into the crowd and sang ‘Two Of Us On The Run’ and ‘Woman’ while slowly traipsing around in a circle. They couldn’t help but smile right back at us when they saw us singing along with them. The final song of the night was ‘Turn It Around’ – the hit from the debut album Wildewoman. There are still plenty of dates left on the ‘Love So Deep Tour’. Don’t miss this amazing night of incredible music and performance art.

Scott J. Herman