Live Review: Lady Wray – Industry City Summer Concert Series, Sunset Park Brooklyn

Last weekend, Lady Wray kicked off Friday night by bringing her soul and funk energy to the Industry City Summer Concert series in Sunset Park Brooklyn, New York. It was the perfect late spring/early summer night for an outdoor courtyard stage setup, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

The night started with an opening instrumental jam by Lady Wray’s band, complete with guitars, horns and drums. As the music keeps rocking, Lady Nicole Wray traipses on stage and begins fixing the microphone height. “Who said I was this tall?” Then she performed a stellar, energetic rendition of ‘Bad Girl’, track ten off of her 2016 album Queen Alone.

Next she played a song called ‘Money’, which was part of her soul duo project with Terri Walker called Lady. The song grooved along with powerful vocals and strong melodies across all instruments. Then she segued into ‘Make Me Over’, which she told the audience was about “needing a little something from your man at the end of the week when he gets his paycheck.” These little tidbits prove Lady Wray’s stage presence to be beyond her natural talents as a singer and songwriter but a true front woman bandleader.

Next she performed an honest and brave version of ‘Guilty’, track four from Queen Alone, which she informed the audience she wrote about her incarcerated brother. She told us that writing this song helped her find a sense of hope about the unfortunate and troubled situation, which is exactly what makes her a true and exemplary artistic soul.

‘Underneath My Feet’ brought everyone to their feet and this was definitely one of the set highlights of the night. This song has the feel of The Supremes while also capturing the Aretha Franklin power that Nicole has been gifted with. Then she played a new song called ‘Piece Of Me’ that will be on her new album coming this November. This song was definitely a great preview of what’s to come and got everyone excited for the continued vibe and energy that Lady Wray brings to the table. At the end of the song she was shaking her head and feeling herself in her element and then she jokingly said into the mic something along the lines of “This is my Ray Charles impression.”

To close the night she appropriately encored with ‘Smiling’, another track from Queen Alone. This upbeat, high energy tune has a hopeful message as well as a rocking drumbeat to keep all listeners at their feet and waiting for more. If you haven’t seen Lady Nicole Wray live yet tearing up the mic on stage you must go to her next show ASAP.

Scott J. Herman


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