Live Review: Jack Savoretti & The Wandering Hearts – Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Starting in 2004, Mouth Of The Tyne Festival has grown from two nights of live music at The Priory to now a four night event.This year, Jack Savoretti and The Wandering Hearts took to the stage on night two.

The Wandering Hearts are becoming quite a force on the UK Americana scene and have gained themselves a strong fan base in the North East. This night saw many fans in the crowd and a lot of new ones in the Jack Savoretti section, as they caught their bubbly personalities and harmonies. And with Thank Folk For That being supporters of The Wandering Hearts since 2017, we’ve seen them and their fan base get stronger not only across the UK but in Nashville and Memphis in the good ol’ USA.

The weather seemed to fit the mood of the opening of Jack Savoretti’s set, with the skies getting darker as he appeared on stage for the opening of Candlelight, met by a roaring sold out crowd in the ruins of a castle overlooking the North Sea. Then the heavens opened for I Will Follow You and through it all, the crowd lapped it up even in the rain, suiting the feel of the music to a T!

Jack told us later in the evening, “on stage with me tonight I have a man from Brazil, a man from Spain, a man from Scotland and a man from Denmark….and one thing we have in common is that there is a lot more to us than the languages we speak, the flags we wave, the football teams we support, the lives we just happen to be born into.” The night is a feeling of unity and the lyrics, “No man was born to be locked up / No man is born to not be free / We’re here to live, we’re here to love / We’re here to touch, feel & see”, are felt amongst the whole crowd, as the music brings us all together to simply have a great time.

For the encore, Jack returned solo with a guitar for Singing To Strangers, where a single spotlight shone on him, and then closed the night by bringing back his band and The Wandering Hearts for extra harmonies, for Going Home. It was the perfect ending to a truly special night.

Words & Images by Victoria Wai


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