Live Review: Cloves – Omeara, London

What a night this was to be. Firstly, Cloves was down for her first headline London show and then Jade Bird was announced as support a week before – an act who seems to be cropping up a fair bit. No surprise this beautiful venue was near capacity by the time she took to the stage.

Jade Bird, say it carefully so you can find her on the socials. This statement and her general chitchat with the audience had us won over. She even made light of her more depressing songs with subjects ranging from prostitutes to divorce, which had the audience genuinely laughing along. In fact you could not have wished for more from an interacting audience as hand claps in the right places for her last song ended Bird’s set on a high.

There was hardly space to move by the time Cloves took to the stage. The show was a sell-out. Cloves may still be a new name to many but streaming sites have definitely made her more noticeable and this audience is a prime example of the direction she is heading. This is especially evident in the fact that after this one UK show, Cloves and her band are supporting Michael Kiwanuka on his US tour. Cloves is also a very humble performer that after the opening track, Wasted Time, she says she did not expect the electrifying response she was given. And with that response I am surprised Cloves had not penciled more dates around this London one and taken the show across the UK.

We are introduced to Don’t You Wait as an oldie and those in the audience from the near beginnings of Cloves’ career could be heard – and there are quite a few. The crowd interaction is very humble and in between songs there is a relaxed atmosphere that even during one bit of technical difficulty we are waiting in awe of what is to happen next. If Only You Knew, is probably the only song we are given a back-story too in that it holds one of her most favourite lyrics. Give it a listen and you might hear it too.

What is endearing about Cloves is when she introduces Everybody’s Son to a rapturous applause, she responds with, ‘it is like having your mother in the crowd’, as it does seem to be a crowd favourite and the mobile phones and cameras stay up for Frail Love too. It felt a shame that the night ended with one more song and a quick exit for Cloves and her band, and although we wanted more, I believe it was the perfect ending as the lights went up.

Words & Image by Victoria Ling


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