Live Review: Callum Pitt – The Cluny, Newcastle

Friday the 13th, unlucky for some but very lucky for this fairly new kid on the block, who goes by the name of Callum Pitt, as he released his fifth single Away From The Rousing Parade with a launch gig at Newcastle’s The Cluny.

Callum has said that his current single is his most energetic and passionate as it considers his “own mortality, and the process of working out what I value most in life.” states, “I’ve spent lots of time in the past comparing myself to others and this song talks about letting go of the need to feel validated by anyone other than close friends, family and yourself…”

Being at the launch gig, he definitely need not question his validity as the crowd gathered, ready for Callum and his band’s great mix of upbeat and down-tempo songs. Callum’s voice is laden with harmonies that send tingles down your spine, get your feet tapping and put a smile in your heart – made evident as he and his band delivered to the packed Newcastle room.

Callum brought folk-pop at its finest and showed that his sound has grown with each release, as the crowds just get bigger at each show. He is one of a few artists that bring fans crossing-genres to his shows, and on this night it was great to see so many who I would normally not see, because our personal tastes often clash.

One of the biggest receptions of the night came with the introduction of the new single. In the midst of the heat wave that most of the UK was and still is having, the dreamy strums on his guitar were perfect, even if we were in a darkened room. It slowly built up and the band all came together for the rest of the song. I’ve mentioned Callum’s vocal acrobatics but the band were equally forthcoming with theirs, which complimented the bigger sound before it trailed off again at the very end. If Callum really needed to prove himself to the industry then he has done no wrong with this.

If this is the first time you have happened across Callum Pitt, you can stream his new single below, and take my word, he is just as great during the live experience!

Words & Images by Victoria Wai (Previously Ling)


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