Live Review: Bryde – Think Tank Underground, Newcastle


Bryde, you may recognize as one half of the group Paper Aeroplanes, but Sarah Howells has stepped out of the duo to bring us solo songs that send us on an emotional rollercoaster.

As Bryde took to the stage, the audience filled the floor. Looking at the lonely blue guitar on the stage, I imagined a very stripped back set and we were treated with that vibe as she opened with new single Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good. She then rocked straight into Honey, a brilliant heavy guitar-laden track that got the crowd that bit more pumped. Heart warming moments came with her backstories through songs like Handstands, dedicated to a four-year old fan.

The setlist was impressive and the way Bryde worked it was amazing. There are a lot of gigs where you either start slow and build it up or where you come out with a bang and then slow it down, but Bryde worked it differently and the mix did not seem to follow the script, becoming more engaging. For her slower numbers like Transparent to the high energy To Be Loved,  Bryde’s voice is raw and emotional which added to these ‘fragile songs about entangling and unravelling.’

As the night closed, we were told we had three songs left and that we were not going to get an encore as she did not really believe in them…and were crowd depending. This actually got a nod of approval from the crowd. But what a way to end the show. The final three songs were perfect, especially when Wait ended the night and, to quote the song, the evening really was ‘a delicate thing, like a note uninterrupted’.  It was an evening of music that warmed up a very cold night in Newcastle.

Victoria Ling


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