Live Review: Bear’s Den – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth


Bear’s Den took to the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth to showcase their debut album Islands this week. With a full audience in such a small room, this enabled Bear’s Den to really showcase how excellent their harmonies and their music truly is. With support from Lisa, a young female vocalist with absolutely sensational vocals and lyrics, this allowed the audiences energy to build cheering her on, awaiting the main act.

Starting with Elysium, their latest single of Islands, the band started the show with a bang. Inviting along a trumpeter and a pianist, this showed that the band have moved from the days of their acoustic-folk sets to really pleasing the audience and showing their growth as a band.

Welcoming Portsmouth with open arms, and Andrew telling the audience that they loved playing in the Wedgewood, allowed for the audience to really participate with the band and call out their love. Think Of England, The Love That We Stole and Magdalene were joyfully accepted by the excitable crowd. During Think Of England’ the audience joined in with the clapping and the band moved around the stage giving all the energy they had to offer.

Hearing new songs from Bear’s Den is every fans dream, and they didn’t disappoint. Playing two new songs, Red Earth And Pouring Rain and Roses On A Breeze, it appeared that the band have been pushed by the brilliance of their last album and written even better and greater songs, giving them a new edge.

The band are well known for their strong harmonising and they showcased this to the audience twice during the gig. They played Sophie unplugged, with no microphones and only their spectacular vocals to fall back on. On the encore they decided to go right into the centre of the audience to play Bad Blood acoustically. The audience were deadly silent as the band drew you in with their lyrics and amazing harmonies.

Bear’s Den drew the night to a close with the most beautiful performance of Agape ever witnessed from them. Seeing them now 6 times, all I can say is the excitement for their next album and another gig is increasing. A band never to miss!

Rachel Allman


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