Live Review: Beach Fossils – Brooklyn Steel, NY

Evan Tetreault

Beach Fossils gave their loyal fans a rockin’ performance at Brooklyn Steel this Halloween weekend, all while dressed as satanical figures with skull face paint. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Dustin Payseur, said it felt so good to be back home and that they’ve really been looking forward to this Brooklyn show in particular since being on the road. From playing in small intimate venues like Baby’s All Right to now Brooklyn Steel — which can hold up to 1,800 people — it was exciting to see these guys in a bigger space and put on a fun show, as always.

Beach Fossils opened with the chill Sugar, but it wasn’t too long until they had everyone on the floor jamming out and (non-violently) moshing. Because their latest record, Somersault, is sonically more experimental and intriguing than their habitual, but still beloved shoegazey, indie-rock albums, Beach Fossils’ evolved sound allowed for a string trio and trumpet soloist on stage — adding an elegant touch to their performance for songs like Tangerine, Saint Ivy, and Closer Everywhere. While the orchestral and brass components showcased a much more mature band moving towards higher greatness, these are still best friends playing music together and we can rest easy knowing that they’ll never lose their quirkiness nor compromise on anything. They ended the show with Payseur bringing his adorable mom out on stage, followed by a cover of Wonderwall. Everyone and their mothers can karaoke to it, so why not.

While I prefer the studio record over the live performance, just because the sound was boomingly loud and Payseur’s voice is a bit too nasally live for my liking, my die-hard Beach Fossil friends thought it was an amazing live performance with impeccable sound quality. The rollicking crowd around me was also completely entranced by the show in front of them, so while I’ll stay in the comfort of my living room when listening to their music, Beach Fossils are nonetheless exuberant performers who make their fans insanely happy.

Julia Kwan


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