Live: Hayden Thorpe Announces The Piano Room Sessions – Worldwide Tour

Photo Credit: Broomberg & Chanarin

Following the recent announcement of his debut solo album, Diviner, Hayden Thorpe has announced a string of intimate international live dates for May and June

‘The Piano Room Sessions’ will be evenings hosted by Hayden Thorpe presenting the songs of Diviner for the first time in unique spaces, purely on piano. Fans are invited to sign up HERE for a chance to attend these special shows

Ticket winners will be informed within 48 hours of their selected show on their success with venue and ticket information

Full list of live dates can be found below…

14th May – Paris
20th May – London
21st May – Berlin
4th June – New York
6th June – Los Angeles

Previously released title track, “Diviner”, plus new single “Love Crimes”, can be heard below…

Diviner is a deeply emotional album: lyrically generous in its candid tone and self-awareness, the melodies resonant with sense memory. The album feels like a startling departure from Thorpe’s previous work with Wild Beasts

Written in a deep period of flux; at points in California, Cornwall and at his home in London – the latter acting as a womb-like space where he worked out his new life, story and belief systems. “My adulthood was based on a certain belief system, a band, a family. When it shifted entirely, I had a ghost I had to find a new haunt for,” Thorpe notes. But his belief in songs as transformative entities kept him going. “I believe in the medicinal properties of songs. I believe in their healing properties,” he says. “Songs defy time, they don’t erode or denature, they come with you and reform anew in your mind as and when you need them”

“I broke up with myself. So this is a break-up album, but not about a relationship. It’s a break-up from a past self, it’s a breakup from the old idea of yourself and therefore every relationship, of all kinds, that you’ve ever had”


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