Interview: Rae Morris

It hasn’t happened in a while – the all over body goosebumps. I’ve missed them actually! But thanks to Rae Morris this was changed and it came as no surprise. Her voice is so mature and powerful that it really leaves you short of breath. Add to this her awkwardly endearing stage presence, moving rhythms and expert piano playing and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Each song of hers is so full of emotion and beauty you almost want to bottle each heartfelt moment, each melody and note; contain it and carry it around with you until you reach those poignant and definitive moments in your life when you can release it and make them all the more effective.

Songs such as Grounded and The Oldest of New were personal favourites of the evening and have been on repeat ever since.  Other stand out tracks included Day One and Walls showing off her individuality and distinct voice.  It’s safe to say this charismatic 19 year old has a very exciting future ahead of her and only positive words could be heard after the set.

TFFT managed to catch up with her in Liverpool prior to her first show of her first ever headline UK tour.

TFFT: So how are you feeling about tonight and the tour in general? Where are you looking forward to playing the most?

RM: Really excited – slightly nervous now I’ve stepped into the room! I’m feeling really lucky to be doing it to be honest. The fact thar I’m actually getting to do a tour completely blows my mind; I never thought I’d get to do this. I’m looking forward to my Blackpool show mostly I think, because I’m playing in a place called Stanley Park Cafe and its where I did some of my first gigs…or maybe the Preston Mad Ferret one as that place was my stomping ground really.

TFFT: So for those who may not have had the fortune of hearing your music before – can you describe it to us in 3 words?

RM: Emotional, honest…me?

TFFT: You only recently realised you could sing – why was that? 

RM: Well, I met a singer songwriter…Karima Francis, she’s from Blackpool too and I am such a big fan of hers. When she said “you should give it a go” I thought maybe I should, as hers was an opinion that I genuinely trusted and admired.  And I’m so grateful for that now because I definitely wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for her.

TFFT: There’s a lot of love out there for you at the moment – and you’ve been doing some things with Burberry as well…how does it feel to have people show their support for your music?

RM: It’s ridiculous! I was doing something with Burberry the other day actually and they’re so amazing – I just hope people don’t think that I’m some stuck up fashion person! But it feels ridiculously surreal and I just can’t actually believe that people are being so kind.  And I always think “how do they find those words?” because I want to give them that kindness back and show my appreciation but I can never find the right thing to say! I find it really shocking to find out how nice people are.

TFFT: What can those coming to watch you on your tour expect from your shows?

RM: I guess they may see me and not much else haha! It’s just me and my little red keyboard. I do a lot of terrible banter, maybe they should prepare themselves for that!

TFFT: If you could share a stage with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

I don’t think I’d want to! I think, a dream that I’ve only just thought of now, and probably because I’ve never admitted to myself that it’s a dream in case it doesn’t happen, but I’d love to do something with Kate Bush. It’d probably be too similar because she’s my absolute icon and I’d try and copy her!

TFFT: And…if you were on a desert island and you were only allowed to take three things with you, what would they be?

I’d take my mum because I can’t live without her! Some sort of device to have Spotify on and…a pen! Maybe I could write on a leaf or just come back with words written on me everywhere!

Ellie Witt


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