Interview: Lucy Rose

For those of you who don’t know Lucy Rose, first things first, you will do soon!
Second of all, you will almost definitely have heard her voice, which she has lent elegantly to the last two Bombay Bicycle Club albums, Flaws and A Different Kind Of Fix.

As a solo-artist, Lucy has been playing for a long time, but has only recently released her beautiful debut single Middle Of The Bed, which was rightly received with enormous praise. It’s follow up Scar (which you can hear below) is also out soon and provides continuous proof that Rose is one hell of a singer and songwriter…a combination that not all can pull-off, despite it being their ‘genre’. She has also just closed a UK tour, during which she played to huge supportive crowds…but does she feel like she has ‘made it’ yet? Lucy states, ‘It still feels like there is a lot of hard work to be done. I’m really pleased with the way things are going and the way we’ve gone around releasing etc, I’m just amazed people are buying tickets to come and see me play.’ 

As well as her tour, the 21 year-old has played a number of festivals this Summer, both with her own band and with Bombay Bicycle Club, ‘Glastonbury and Reading this summer have been unbelievable and Belladrum was really special.’ But for Lucy there are altering feelings when playing these two types of gigs, ‘Playing my music and BBC’s feels very different. I always get nervous for both but enjoy them equally.’ In addition, despite a love for festival shows, her heart lies predominantly with indoor and more snug surroundings, I definitely prefer playing in smaller, more intimate venues. The sound in open spaces can sometimes get lost, it’s all about tents and small rooms.’

Born in Warwickshire, England, Lucy quickly upped-sticks at the young and innocent age of 18, to play regularly in London town. She soon became involved with that wonderful group that is Communion and made pals with the likes of Mumford & Sons and Bombay Bicycle Club, who she acknowledges as being incredibly supportive. Yet it wasn’t all as easy as it sounds. Rose has put a tremendous amount of effort into making herself heard, playing in all matter of places, to all matter of people, and she is rightly proud of this effort, ‘I’ve worked hard and self-released which anyone can do. I hope that all the artists out there don’t think the only way to play gigs and sell music is to be on a record label, cause this isn’t true. So much can be achieved on your own.’ A fantastic bit of advice for any rising talents.

Lucy’s music and voice is often soft and gentle, but clearly distinct and filled with stunning poignancy. As a performer on stage, she seems equally as shy and fragile, keeping between-songs-conversation to a minimum. Traits like these have led the media and others to quickly describe Lucy Rose as the next Laura Marling, for example. But are they too quick in their comparisons?I think it’s easy to make comparisons without even listening to the music properly. We are all girls who play acoustic guitars and sing quietly, but other than that I think we all have very different styles.’ 

And, talking of styles, Lucy admits that she finds it difficult to characterise her own. ‘I think parts of my songs are folk, but not all of it. I don’t listen to that much folk, but mainly acoustic music, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell etc… the obvious choices. I hate pigeon-holing any music with genres and find it impossible to describe my own.’ As well as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, she is influenced by a number of fellow artists on the scene right now and is always eager to hear the next best thing. ‘I’m really enjoying Slow Club’s new album and recently discovered Scott Walker and his album Scott 4, which is amazing.’
So what is next from Lucy Rose? As mentioned, her second single Scar is set for release on September 19th digitally and November 14th physically, and she is getting ready to support a number of exceptional artists over the Autumn season. From the end of September onwards it’s 2 months of solid touring with Bombay Bicycle Club, Ben Howard and a show with Ed Sheeran.’ 

And is there any news on a debut album? I’m struggling to find the time to record one, but it’s on the cards.’

We cannot wait!
See Lucy next on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club, details found HERE!
And check out her new single Scar, ft. Jack Steadman, below…


Dom Kay


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