Interview: Lucy Rose

Last week, TFFT were very fortunate to attend the wonderful Latitude Festival in all its glory – with an incredible lineup, a beautiful setting and some half-decent weather for once!

While we were there, we also had the fortune of chatting to the lovely Lucy Rose, just before she jumped on stage to give another flawless performance. We discussed her time on the festival circuit, the excitement and nerves surrounding the release of her debut album (due September 24th), and her outlook on the future…

You’re playing a large number of festivals this Summer, over 30! Do you enjoy playing these shows, or can it get tiring after a while, constantly moving from field to field?

I absolutely love playing festivals….the only thing that can be a bit difficult is that we want to go out and have a good time and party with everyone else, but when you’ve got one the next day and the day before, there’s something a bit frustrating about not being able to join in with all the fun off stage! But I have such a good time and there’s always a great vibe. The crowds are completely unique with each festival.

Are there festivals that you prefer to play? Or are they all good fun in their own way?

I’m not really that clued up on all the festivals to be honest! I wouldn’t say there’s ones I prefer, but I am really looking forward to Leeds and Reading this year as I’ve never played them myself. I’ve got my show and then a show with Bombay Bicycle Club in the evening on both days, so it should be quite intense but really fun. Bestival I really enjoyed last year so am looking forward to revisiting it, and Latitude of course is right up there.

Since we last spoke, back in September last year, you’ve released a number of brilliant singles, sold out headline shows, and seen an extensive growth in support and followers…does this bring added nerves to the release of your debut album – Like I Used To, or does it give you extra confidence knowing that there are a lot people out there who are already great admirers of your music?

I’m nervous irrelevant to anything! This album is something I’ve written over the last year or so and is something I’m releasing into the world to be judged, so I think I’d be nervous about it whatever the circumstances were. I’m terrified about the album coming out – I don’t know which is scarier, success or failure! but whatever happens, my fate will be decided over the next year or so. But the support I’ve had has been so strong and made life a lot easier for me to think that this is the right thing to do and to carry on over the last 5 years. Sometimes when you’re not getting support from other places in the music industry, the encouragement from everyone else, following the release of the singles and before being signed to Columbia, for example, has been incredible and has really kept us going.

The album is released on the 24th (September)…will it include all the singles that you’ve released over the past few months, or will some not feature?

They will on the deluxe album, but the standard album won’t include Scar

Ooh controversial! So what can we expect from the new, less heard tracks?

I think a lot of people will have already heard quite a few of them, with the likes of Shiver and Don’t You Worry featuring on our live setlists and on videos on the internet. Lines was a brand new one, as is Watch Over, but I find it difficult to describe my music, as each song is so different to the next one. Hopefully you can expect a bigger sound from all the acoustic videos, as these aren’t completely representative of how I wrote them in my mind and the vision of how I wanted them to be. It’s only since recording them with the band that I’ve been able to capture what I had initially planned with some of the tracks, and now I’m really pleased with what we’ve made. I’m excited!

And you recorded the album at home…was that always the plan? 

There wasn’t really a plan, but at the time I hadn’t been signed and was self-funding the recording, so was in two minds whether to get a loan and go into the studio, or do it at my parents house. Luckily my parents said they didn’t mind and were very welcoming, so we borrowed some gear, jumped in the van down there and started recording in their living room!

There are a couple of familiar voices on the record, with the likes of Emily Wood and Jack Steadman. Did you always plan to collaborate with these artists?

Getting all the people that feature on the album has just been a natural thing. It wasn’t like I went after a certain band to collaborate with, instead they’re just my friends and they wanted to be involved, which was such a massive privilege. I’m close to all the band, Emily is a good friend, Simon from Escapists sang on the record, as did Jack from Bombay Bicycle Club. They feature because these are all people that have helped me musically, and I value their opinions so much and it just felt like the right thing to do.

And flipping things round, you’ve featured on the past two Bombay Bicycle albums…will we be hearing your voice again on their new record?

I don’t know yet…hopefully…but we’ll see! I don’t want to jinx anything!

You have a few days off now…what do you usually get up to in your free time?

Usually I’m washing my clothes and catching up with people. In the next week we’re off to Norway, Latvia, Secret Garden Party and Truck Fest, and then I’m flying to L.A., so I’m on five planes in seven days! So in my spare time I’m usually just recouping. I like going to gigs, but normally I’ve just got the one day off, so I can’t really let my hair down and be drinking as I’ve got to sing the next day…I’m very boring like that!

Oh we can’t believe that!

Finally, when we last spoke we also asked, probably quite prematurely, do you think you’ve made it? Has anything changed in your opinion since then!?

Haha, I’m so far from making it! I’m just beginning and this is right at the start of my career. I hope it lasts a long time, but I also hope I don’t make it for a long time, so that I still have things to work on and build towards, otherwise I don’t know what I’d do!

Dom Kay

Photo by Pooneh Ghana