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Recently, TFFT caught up with Taylor and Griffin from Dawes, who are currently taking time from their tour with Mumford And Sons to play a handful of headline shows. We talked about the release of their new album, shows with Mumford And Sons and life on tour…

You’re currently on tour with Mumford And Sons. How did that come about?

Griffin: We met them first at Sasquatch in 2010. They enjoyed our band and the first show we played with them was at the Ryman in Nashville – they turned out to be great friends and asked us to play.

How has the first week on tour been for you?

Taylor: The tour is the tour of two halves. The second half is arenas and the first half is all theatres and we just finished all theatres. It’s been great!

You have set aside only four dates away from the tour. What motivated you to do that?

Taylor: A lot of the reasoning behind it is that Mumford have taken a few days off and we’re just trying to pay for our trip. We’re doing every show with them and they’re not doing any shows without us, but we figured days that they’re taking a day off, if we can we might as well fill them up.

It’s just been announced that you’re headlining the Communion Christmas show in December. Are you guys looking forward to it?

Taylor: We’re really excited! There are a lot of cool bands and our friends Haim are djing so it should be fun.

Your last album was released last summer. Are we expecting any new material from you?

Griffin: Yeah we just finished our third record and it’s being mixed right now. It’ll be released April 9th or the 16th of next year.

Have you got a name for the new album yet?

Taylor: Yeah. It’s gonna be called Stories Don’t End.

As a band what would you say was the biggest influence on your sound?

Taylor: Well I guess there isn’t one because … I mean we’re always listening to different stuff. But also all four of us are kind of on different pages at the same time in a good way. It’s very supportive and we all trust each other’s tastes, and anything that one guy listens to, the other guy might not and we realize that it’s still probably really great but we’re all listening for the criteria applied to our instruments.

So , are there any unusual places you find yourself drawing inspiration from?

Taylor: I mean as a songwriter, I like watching a lot of movies and reading books. I mean it’s not that unique but it’ something that’s not music.

Griffin: I think it’s kind of hard to explain exactly why but I think there’s influence coming from what I’m reading…it’s different.

Taylor: Sometimes it has a lot to do with just the work ethic and the way you approach your art rather than in terms of where the influences are, rather than lifting a line.

Would you say a big impact is where you’ve grown up and how you’ve developed as a band?

Griffin: Totally!

Taylor: Our father…he was a big source of inspiration and taught us a lot on how to be committed and dedicated to creating good work.

It sounds like you’re going to have a hectic couple of weeks on tour with Mumford And Sons and doing your own shows as well. Do you find it easy to switch from band mode to relaxing or has it become a lifestyle for you now?

Griffin: It’s not hard…

Taylor: We spend everyday waiting around to sound check, so when we get up on stage we’re always looking forward to playing!

Do you ever get time to chill and not do so much?

Griffin: There’s a lot of down time…too much!

It’s nearly the end of the year so what is the one positive thing you’re going to take away from 2012?

Taylor: Honestly, this experience with Mumford And Sons.

Griffin: Their generosity has been the biggest thing for our band.

Any regrets?

Taylor: Thankfully no!

Questions by Simi Abidakun


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