Festivals: Off The Record Announces Artist Lineup

Manchester’s wonderful multi-venue, live music event and conference, Off The Record, is taking place this Friday 10th November, and today the full lineup of 35+ emerging and exciting live artists has been unveiled

Following the same format as last year, the lineup has been kept under wraps until now, 24 hours before the launch of this year’s event. Cutting edge, unique and exhilarating, this line-up will showcase some of the best new artists around, across multi-genres including grime, alternative and rock

Below, listed in order of Northern Quarter venue, performance time and detailing the curator who chose them, are the 35+ chosen artists performing at Off The Record Live…


18.30-19.00: Ms Mohammed
*chosen by Deborah Coughlin, Gaggle/The Old Church
19.30-20.00: Tobi Sumnola
*chosen by Kendal Calling
20.30-21.00: Layfullstop 
*chosen by Rivca Burns, Sounds From The Other City
21.30-22.00: Yizzy
*chosen by Phil Taggart, Radio 1
22.30-23.00: Poppy Ajudha
*chosen by Jamz Supernova, BBC 1Xtra
23.30-00.00: Pink Kink
*chosen by Stealing Sheep


18.20-18.50: Cassia
*chosen by Mark Lippman, Scruff of the Neck
19.10-19.40: LIINES
*chosen by Louise Dodgson, The Unsigned Guide
20.10-20.40: Mush
*chosen by DIY
21.10-21.40: *Secret Band*
22.10-22.40: The Snuts
*chosen by Kendal Calling
23.10-23.40: The Blinders
*chosen by Emma Rule, Musicians Against Homelessness, Modern Sky & Sound City



18.40-19.10: Billybee
*chosen by Vanessa Bakewell, Facebook
19.40-20.10: Meadowlark
*chosen by Believe Digital
20.40-21.10: Elle Mary And The Bad Men
*chosen by Jo Dudderidge, Pinhole Studios
21.40-22.10: River Matthews
*chosen by Bev Burton, Killer B Music
22.40-23.10: Brooke Bentham
*chosen by Mike Walsh, Radio X & Believe Digital
23.40-00.10: FEHM
*chosen by Bluedot


19.00-19.30: JAKL
*chosen by Secret Sessions
20.00-20.30: 100 Fables
*chosen by Samantha Hornsby, The Unsigned Music Awards
20.50-21.20: Lucie Barat
*chosen by Brix Smith-Start
21.45-22.15: Queen Zee And The Sasstones 
*chosen by Sentric Music & Sound City


18.25-18.55: False Heads 
19.25-19.55: Control Of The Going
*chosen by Clint Boon, Inspiral Carpets & Radio X
20.25-20.55: Koalas 
*chosen by Amalie Briden, Arts Council
21.25-21.55: Lumer
*chosen by Independent Venue Week
22.25-22.55: Sugarmen
*chosen by Modern Sky UK


18.10-18.40: Low Island
*chosen by Jess Campbell, MCR Live
19.10-19.40: Revenge of the Calculon
*chosen by Attitude Is Everything
20.10-20.40: Bryde
*chosen by Amalie Briden, Arts Council
21.10-21.40: Bang Bang Romeo
*chosen by David Borrie, Pirate Studios & This Feeling
22.10-23.00: Lost Colours
*chosen by Eddy Temple Morris, Radio X


18.20-18.50: Keeley Forsyth
*chosen by Elizabeth Alker BBC 6Music & BBC Radio 3
19.20-19.50: J W Ridley
*chosen by Craig Caukill, PIAS & Key Music Management
20.20-20.50: Pat Dam Smyth
*chosen by Jimmy’s
21.10-21.50: Eliza Shaddad
*chosen by Sally Cook, Band on the Wall
DJ’s Until Late

Off The Record, launched by three of the UK’s premiere independent music festivals, Kendal Calling, Sound City and Bluedot, and music site Louder Than War, is all about innovative ideas, new music and emerging artists

By day, the festival also features a music conference at the Methodist Central Hall, curated by Sound City and Louder Than War. With exclusive In Conversation sessions with two highly-tipped artists, punk-rock fivepiece Cabbage and indie rock trio False Heads, and panels including Love For Grime and What Happens On Tour No Longer Stays On Tour already confirmed, this year’s conference line-up will be as special as the live performances. Attendees will be able to take away a wealth of expertise and knowledge from big names within the music industry, who will feature on a wide variety of panels – check out the final conference lineup, HERE

For further information, head on over to www.otrmcr.co.uk



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