Feature: Izzie Walsh – My 5 Biggest Influences

For our latest ‘My 5 Biggest Influences’ feature, we spoke to Manchester-based singer-songwriter Izzie Walsh.

‘My 5 Biggest Influences’ is when we talk to some of our favourite upcoming and established artists, delving into their greatest influences and inspirations, to see how bands, records, tracks, friends & family, hobbies and even environments have impacted on their work and music.

More about Izzie Walsh’s latest record and tour plans below, but first, here are Izzie’s 5 Biggest Influences…


First and foremost it has got to be the place I was born and raised –
Manchester. The city has taught me everything I know as a musician, I
studied there, played my first gig there and now host regular music nights
there. The City has such a great scene for any musician who wants to go
out and give it their all on any day of the week. People talk about
Nashville, Austin, all these mythical US cities, but I know from first hand
experience that Manchester has just as much talent in abundance as they
do. I often get branded as country, americana, gothic bluegrass, you name
it I’ve been called it, but all I can say is I have never rode a horse or drove
a pickup truck, I sing about my life experiences of Manchester, not a place
I have never been before.


These guys are just incredible, each album-cycle they just keep on coming
back and giving me all I need in terms of aggression. For me they are the
ultimate touring band and one that I try to base my own performances
from. With the music industry being so fast paced and tiring I often need
Slipknot to get me fired up to play a huge set after three hours sleep. Corey
Taylor please get in touch, I need to know your vocal warm up’s.

Food & Drink

In my opinion, an often overlooked influence. I’ve been inspired on
numerous occasions from burritos and vodka. Once a good meal has been
had I am ready to write music; without one I am hangry and inattentive. A good diet influences me to write every day and I don’t think any musician can survive without one.

Battle of the Light Brigade

Out of all the battles and historical events of the past, this is one that really
stands out to me. As well as it being a prominent event in terms of culture
and media, I think it really teaches us just how important communication
is. To think that a series of mistaken gestures led to such a high mortality
rate really shows us just how important it is to know every member of your
team, whether it be a promoter, band member, or producer, you need to
know their traits and personality to ensure you communicate correctly with them.


Both of my nanna’s immigrated from Ireland to England and made a
family dynasty in the UK. Having the strength and audacity to do this has
taught me how I should be myself in music, bold and strong to create my
own path in life. Starting off in the industry can be really tough, especially
having no prior contacts or family members but knowing both my nanna’s
had to change country and leave everything and everyone they loved
behind really inspires me to keep giving it my all in music.

Izzie Walsh recently released her new single ‘Clouded Mind’. With honest lyrics and a striking vocal, which are backed by an intricate and rhythmic melody, ‘Clouded Mind’ is a modern Americana track which builds to an upbeat chorus. The track flits between the feelings of melancholy and hope, which matches the songs meaning of the different emotions and circumstances life can bring.

Take a listen below…

She states about the track: “This song is a message to say that, whatever your story, you have a chance to clear a ‘clouded’ mind from all the hurt, loss and hardship that life brings. Trust yourself, to know you’ll get stronger.”

Izzie has been performing around the world over the last year, including a support slot with Curse of Lono, festival performances at the likes of Dot to Dot and Bluedot and her own sold-out headline shows at Manchester’s Deaf Institute and London’s The Slaughtered Lamb. She also runs popular regular open-mic nights at Hatch and the Bay Horse Tavern in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and will playing her own 3-date headline tour in October and November…

October 12th – Nottingham, The Bodega
October 24th – London, Thousand Island
November 1st – Manchester, The Deaf Institute


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