Favourites 2012!


What a year it’s been eh?

In sport we saw Britain take the helm with victories across the spectrum, particularly with the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. In politics we saw Barack Obama elected as President for a second term, people fighting for change and freedom in all nations, and Boris Johnson getting stuck on a zipwire. Across the world, we witnessed horrific tragedies, devastation and unnecessary violence, but celebrated some extraordinary achievements in science, space and history…God bless you Queenie! And in art, a pensioner bollocksed up a prized fresco; in film, we watched groundbreaking scenes with Bond, Batman and Kermit?, whilst on TV we saw men jump from space, the most dramatic Premiership ever, and Steps make a comeback…plus, the world might be ending today as well! (except it definitely won’t…)

But for us, it’s music that still matters most…and below is our round-up of Favourites 2012

That is, our favourites, your favourites, and their favourites
Everyone’s take on the best albums recorded and produced this year, with thoughts from us,
you the public, and the artists and musicians themselves

(and just to note that although we’ve kept our picks as TFFT relevant as possible, despite our love for the likes of Tame Impala, Alt-J, Grimes, This Many Boyfriends and Frank Ocean this year, to name but a few, we are aware that some of the artist’s choices are a little more eclectic!)

So let’s kick things off…

Our Favourites

Your Favourites

Their Favourites

So there we go!

Feel free to make your contributions and recommendations in the comment box below…
And here’s to another year of wonderful, heart-warming, joyous music
from all our favourite artists, old and new

From Thank Folk For That, have a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!



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