Favourites 2011!

Here at TFFT, we like to mix things up a bit! And decided that, instead of telling you what the best folky EP or album was this year, like you don’t know your own personal preferences and have been sat in silence for the past 365 days, waiting for someone to direct you…we might round up the people’s favourites of 2011!

Below we have 3 different categories…

Our Choices – The favourite folky album’s of the TFFT Team

Your Choices – The favourites of those who have tweeted us your top 2011 album

Their Choices – The favourite folky album chosen by some of the best artists out there

So let’s get things started shall we!

Our Choices

Dom Kay – Editor

Katie Carroll – TFFT Writer

Domm Norris – TFFT Writer

Simon Sadler – TFFT Writer

Ellie Witt – TFFT Writer

Sara West – TFFT Writer

Jon Barker – TFFT Writer

Anna Byrne – TFFT Writer

Abi May – TFFT Writer

Your Choices!









Their Choices!

Paper Aeroplanes

Lucy Rose


Joseph And David

Emily Barker

Rachael Dadd

Samuel James Routledge

This Frontier Needs Heroes

So that’s moreorless it for 2011…but here’s to a year of equally brilliant album’s and EP’s, from all our favourite folky artists!


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