EP Review: The Wandering Hearts – Burning Bridges

Americana’s newest sweethearts, The Wandering Hearts, release their third single Burning Bridges this week, with three extra acoustic tracks to form their first EP release.

Burning Bridges, on the back of Wish I Could and Devil, firmly establishes The Wandering Hearts as one of the music world’s finest vocal harmony groups, with Tara and Chess opening the track with Tim, then AJ’s smoky vocals laid over the words, “I know it feels like you’re the last one standing…” The gentle guitar-strumming adds to the warmth of this heartbreak track and with both ingredients apparent, you know you are on to a winner with the hairs not only on your arms but on the back of your neck standing on end.

Tara and Chess take on the upbeat Nobody’s Fool as ‘one for the girls,’ because as nice as The Wandering Hearts girls are, the way they deliver this track with so much conviction, you would not want to mess with them. Tara and Chess definitely bring the sass to The Wandering Hearts with this track.

“Heaven knows what I expected but I never expected this,” is what actually could have been said of The Wandering Hearts but Never Expected This, a song about ‘unwittingly stumbling into love,’ is literally how the UK Americana Music Association have taken to them, by awarding them the Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award.

The EP closer, No One’s Gonna Love You, is a group favourite from Band Of Horses and of course reworked and stripped back in The Wandering Hearts style. If you were to close your eyes you could almost imagine The Mamas And The Papas all over it.

All in all, this debut EP firmly sets this quartet for a very successful 2018, on the back of a great 2017.

Victoria Ling


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