EP Review: Luke Sital-Singh – The Breakneck Speed Of Tomorrow



The benefits of having a song played on a major US TV Drama – more exposure, bigger crowds at gigs, more leeway when it comes to producing and making a record – must surely outweigh the negative aspects – people turning up to hear ‘that song’, record labels wanting 12 tracks in a similar vein, less control in the studio.  For talented acoustic singer Luke Sital-Singh, this conundrum manifested itself in the good, if a little patchy in places, The Fire Inside LP, which deserved to do much better than it did. A mid-August release surely did it no favours. A year on, a year wiser, and perhaps more attuned to the ways of record labels and companies, Sital-Singh has returned to his tried and trusted EP release, serving officially as a ‘stopgap’ between albums, but also, providing the opportunities for new fans to come on board.

This 4-track EP opens with the gorgeous Still, combining all the elements that make Sital-Singh a true talent. It is, perhaps, My Future which showcases his abilities in song crafting. Accompanied by the delicate playing of a piano, and the hymnal singing of a small choir, Sital-Singh manages to come across as both earnest and heartfelt in his lyrics.  His paean to a lover; “So sacrifice me/earth hit by lightning/I’m slowly burning/I feel so alive” encapsulates the feelings felt in the first throws of love, the bolt of lightning to the heart, the excitement of the future. If Fail For You was the soundtrack to Drama series circa 2012, it is likely that My Future will be heard in the background of many a love scene to come in the forthcoming months and years.

I Was Low is softly-sung, Sital Singh’s voice permanently wavering and cracking under the emotion of it all.  The final track, Letting You Go, seems to give the clearest indication of Sital-Singh’s next musical endeavour, the closest example to a full-band on the EP, which moves swiftly through its 3 minutes and 29 seconds; a track that wouldn’t seem out of place being heard across Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music. If this is the direction Sital-Singh is heading in, he may have struck commercial and critical gold.

Falling just shy of the 20 minute mark, The Breakneck Speed Of Tomorrow doesn’t outstay its welcome, and provides a welcome re-introduction to a talent that could do with a breakthrough. His talent is deserving of a much wider audience.

Joe Sweeting


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